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New Pfister Desination Store

New Pfister Destination Store

Pfister Store

The Retail Element created a flagship concept for Pfister a division of Spectrum Brands.  The Retail Element's 360 Branding Process visited the entire brand experience from merchandise presentation, customer experience and environmental design.

New Pizza Studio Build-Your-Own Experience

Pizza Studio

The Pizza Studio retained The Retail Element to help clarify and create the next generation retail stores.  The Retail Element's extensive food and design expertise helped developed a cohesive and refreshing franchise concept prior to the launch of the 100 store national rollout

New Tobu Japan Retail Store

Tobu Japan

Located in Tokyo Japan, The Retail Element has worked with Tobu Retail for over 20 years.  This flagship store of over 800,000 square feet has one of the highest single store sales volumes in all of Asia.

New Kaya In-Store Experience

Kaya Restaurant

Kaya Street Kitchen is an exciting fast casual restaurant in Los Angeles California.  Kaya exploded onto the LA culinary scene and was named a top Yelp winner in its second month of operation with a near perfect score after hundreds of reviews.  The Retail Element worked wtih Kaya to develop a creatively "street kitchen" concept in the middle of the cosmopolitan LA area.

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